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Waimea Canyon

The Waimea Canyon is a beautiful masterpiece created by the hand of nature. The views of the canyon both intrigue and tantalize the mind. It will draw you in and cause you to ponder its creation. Its land variety will astonish any viewer. Your eyes will be guided from the stunning peaks of the bluffs down as it plunges into the vast valley below. Whether you are looking to become inspired or you simply want to have an enjoyable experience, the Waimea Canyon is a perfect place to visit.

Getting to Waimea Canyon
From the Lihue Airport, travel southwest on the Kuhio Highway. This will turn into Kaumualii Highway near Waimea. Then take a right onto Waimea Canyon Drive, which is also known as Hi-550.

What It Costs
The Kokee Park requires no fee for entrance. However, they do offer tours of the area at an additional fee. The park is usually open from sun rise to sunset.

What to Expect
There are several stops along Waimea Canyon Drive which winds around the canyon, that offer breathtaking views and wonderful photo opportunities. However, there are no gas stations along the forty mile road, so be sure to fill your gas tank before embarking on the expedition.

There are also many hiking trails that go above and through the canyon. If you are feeling adventurous the trails can provide a truly memorable experience and a great workout. To obtain a map of the hiking trails you can stop by the Ranger Station in the Kokee museum.

When To Go
The weather is unpredictable, so make sure to look up the forecast before you leave. For the weather information for the canyon you can call, 808-245-6001.

More Information

  • Restrooms are available in the main park area.
  • Some of the best viewing of the canyon is during the early morning hours.
  • Some of the trails require hikers to have a state permit.
  • The park has a campground if you wish to make your trip and overnight vacation.
  • Cabins are also available, but they may require reservations.