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Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls can be enjoyed anytime. The beautiful, majestic 80-foot attraction is right by the road. You don’t have to travel far to see it. If the waterfall looks familiar, that is because it was featured on the popular television show, Fantasy Island.

The waterfall will actually change its appearance, depending on its flow and whether it is raining or not.

What to Expect
It’s in Hawaii, what more does one need to say about the weather? If you visit in the early morning, the sun shining on Wailua Falls will provide a spectacular view. You will find a lookout right next to the falls that will provide a breathtaking view, without you having to do any hiking. If you do have the courage for a hike, a slippery hike 3/10 of a mile away will take you down to the bottom of the falls. You will find the top of the falls to be flat, with channels cut into the rock.

It took centuries of flowing water to cause the channels. According to various Internet reports, the Wailua Falls is one of the most beautiful in Hawaii, while being easily accessible at the same time.

Other Attractions on the Island of Kauai
There are a lot of other things to do on the island of Kauai, besides viewing Wailua Falls. If you like surfing and body boarding, Brennecke’s Beach is one of the top such attractions on the island. If you view Waimea Canyon, you will see a canyon that is two miles wide and 3,600 feet deep. Mark Twain called it the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” You can take a helicopter ride on the island and beautiful waterfalls, sea cliffs, and other sites. A tour of the Na Pali Coast by boat or raft will prove spectacular.

Driving Directions
You can get to Wailua Falls by taking highway 56 from Lihu’e to Ma’alo Road, or highway 583, on the right. You will find the waterfall at the end of the road. The attraction is only five minutes from Lihu’e.