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Waikiki Beach

waikikiWaikiki Beach is one of the most famous beaches on earth, and it’s easy to see why. This stretch of sand, which connects to the Waikiki neighborhood of Honolulu, is only about two miles long but is the focus of most of Hawaii’s tourist activity.

There are plenty of things to do on Waikiki Beach – many of which will seem logical to you, and some others which might not. For instance, when you think of beaches in Hawaii you will naturally think of surfing, right? Well, Waikiki Beach is not only home to reliably consistent surfing waves year-round, it is also where famous surfer Duke Kahanamoku started a surfing club in 1905. Duke is sometimes considered responsible for bringing surfing to the mainland United States as well as Australia, and he is honored with a statue on the western end of the beach. There are lots of surfing instructors on Waikiki Beach, too, in case you want to learn from the experts.

Parts of Waikiki Beach are good for swimming as well, as the waves do not reach the heights that they do on the island’s North Shore. Other water activities you will either see or decide to try for yourself include bodyboarding and catamaran tours.

Even out of the water, however, there are things to keep you coming back to Waikiki Beach. There’s a weekly movie festival near Kapiolani Park called “Sunset on the Beach” where you can watch movies on the beach on a 30-foot screen. There are also hula and music shows on a daily basis up and down the beach as well as the occasional parade or cultural event.

Should you want to get off the beach at any point, the neighborhood of Waikiki is absolutely full of restaurants, cafes, shops, beach bars and night clubs to keep you entertained. There are lots of hotels in the area, but be prepared to pay for the privilege of staying in one of them – especially if you want a view of the beach. If you’re not staying right in Waikiki, don’t worry – Oahu’s network of buses, called TheBus, will get you to and from Waikiki Beach from anywhere else on the island.

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