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Travel Guide

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How to Get to Hawaii

Hawaii’s warm waters, excellent hiking, traditional foods, and rich culture are waiting for you year-round. The first step is booking your flight, so here are a list of articles that will help you to pick between the islands and then find the flight that best suits your needs.

Ticket prices can fluctuate with the seasons, so keep that in
mind if you’ll be flying during the peak travel periods of Summer or Winter (especially around the holidays) and aim for the shoulder seaons of Spring or Fall is possible. While most people reach Hawaii by air, keep in mind that there are a growing number of cruises which count Hawaii as a destination as well, although you may spend quite a
few days at sea while en route to the islands.

Where to Stay in Hawaii

There are a wealth of options for every type of traveler when deciding where to stay in Hawaii. Consider your budget and whether or not you’ll be renting a car when sorting through your options. If you plan on relying on public transport, it will be helpful to stay closer to the sites and attractions you’re interested in or in the more heavily touristed areas, which are more likely to have organized tours.

Hotels and resorts are always an option, but for flexibility you might consider a vacation rental in order to cook some of your own meals and save on food costs. Hostels are a great way to save some room in your budget for the activities and tours you might want to splurge on. Bear in mind that you will often pay a premium for being right on or very near the beach as well.

How to Get Around in Hawaii

Once you’ve arrived in Hawaii, a majority of travelers will opt to rent a car as this gives you the most freedom and flexibility. With the exception of Oahu, it may be necessary in order to reach some of the more off-the-beaten path hikes, beaches, and attractions.

Ferry travel is possible between the islands that make up Maui county – namely Maui, Lanai, and Molokai – however, for any other island pair you will need to book a short interisland flight in order to island-hop. If you decide against renting a car, organized tours are another way to let someone else do the driving during your stay.

What to Do in Hawaii

Hawaii is known as a tropical paradise for good reason, and outstanding beaches can be found on every island. However, there are many other options to fill your days and nights. Some activities, like whale watching or watching the big wave surfers on the north shore of Oahu, are seasonal so you’ll want to plan ahead for that.

The main Things to Do page also includes a listing of month-by-month activities and festivals that you may want to consider once you’ve nailed down your dates.

Travel Planning Tips for Hawaii

Some basic planning can really help for you to make the most of your time in the islands. It’s good to have a general itinerary if possible, yet don’t pack your schedule so full that you won’t have any time to enjoy yourself and let serendipity take its course. The key is to relax and be flexible, and enjoy!

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