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Top Dive Spots in Hawaii

The islands of Hawaii are known to be some of the best diving spots in the world. When visiting the area guests must take part in the vast range underwater adventures. Diving ranges from reef dives to cave dives and cater to every experience level. Whether you are a beginning or an experienced diver you will find your time under the sea to be time well spent.

Because Hawaii has so many volcanoes that have been overflowing into the ocean, the state is full of unique underwater structure. You can rent equipment at many local dive shops found through the islands. Many shops offer private dives or you can join an excursion with other divers and tourists.

Kauai Aquatic Scuba
Tunnels Reef, this dive is only available during the months of April-October. The reason for this is because of rough waves and strong currents and more importantly, whale mating season. If you sign up for a dive during November-March you will be taken to the south or east shore for your dive. Divers have been known to hear the whale mating songs underwater during this unforgettable dive.

The island of Kauai offers a very unique diving experience unlike any other. This island is very small and remote. Because of its remoteness it includes some of the healthiest coral reefs in the state. Here you can enjoy a dive with octopus, reef sharks, and many different types of fish.

Maui Scuba
Everyone hopes to see a sea turtle when diving. These gentle creatures can be found in the many cave dives off the Maui coast. Lava tubes, lobsters, eels and turtles are a few of the abundant creatures you will catch a glimpse of. Most of the cave dives do not require additional certification so why not take advantage of the picturesque underwater landscape and marine life.

Molokini Crater in Maui
Another great dive spot is on Maui, called the Molokini Crater. This crater is an extinct volcano that takes 25 minutes by boat to get to. Divers from all over the world come to enjoy this world renowned underwater adventure.

Oahu Scuba
Oahu’s Waialua Wall accommodates summer visitors daily. One of the most impressive things about this wall dive is the vast array of sea life that can be seen on the crevices of the wall. Three miles of wall gives the diver quite a bit to look at.

Rainbow Reef
Dive spots in Oahu are known as some of the best in the world. Just outside of Waikiki is Rainbow Reef which is one of the best dive spots of the islands. It is in Ala Moana Park and offers a habitat where you can get up close and personal with the fish as they are used to being hand fed. There is also a shipwreck close by that is a favorite of many divers.

Hawaii Scuba Diving
Lava formations form tunnels and arches in this spectacular dive. A beach entry dive from Fish Rock allows snorkelers the opportunity to enjoy the sights. This is a great place for those on a budget or are new to the underwater world.

Fish Rock
Many tourists do not go to this island because it does not offer much in the line of tourism but they are missing perhaps the two most beautiful dive spots in all of Hawaii. Fish Rock is another awesome diving spot. Its a volcanic cone that reaches depths of 75 feet and provides a great learning experience with all the fish that inhabit it and the rock formations that you can explore.

First and Second Cathedrals
These two spots are another popular dive spot on Lanai. They are made up of old lava tubes where many fish and crustaceans hide.