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Tips for Planning an Adventure Trip in Hawaii

hawaii-adventureThe natural beauty of the islands make Hawaii an excellent destination whether you want to get married, enjoy a honeymoon or you are dreaming of adventure trips . Once a major hub for pineapple and sugar industries, Hawaii is now economically dependent on tourism.

When planning an active holiday on one of the Hawaiian Islands, try to keep in mind the following:

Weather: while Hawaii doesn’t experience “true seasons”, the weather follows a cycle: “wet” season from October to March and “dry” season from April to September. So the chances to experience rain are very high during the peak travel season (December and January). Overall, Hawaii is balmy and quite humid (if you are not used to humidity, you’ll feel it the second you land). During the wet season, the average daily temperature is in the mid-80s. It’s been said that people come to Hawaii when they would rather not stay home (due to the cold weather) but if you consider the weather here, it’s definitely a good idea to come outside the peak travel season.

Travel insurance: it never hurts to be extra careful when it comes to such vacations. Get a travel insurance quote at the same time when you book the vacation but don’t book with the same company (in case the tour operator goes bankrupt, at least you can use the insurance to get some money back). Make sure to have cancellations covered, as well as medical insurance and hazardous activities. Some insurance policies don’t cover certain activities, so make sure to read the fine print carefully.

Point of entry: you will be able to find flights to Hawaii into several islands but you’ll make a stop over in Honolulu most of the time anyway. So, book a round-trip into the capital, and get a low-cost flight for the last leg of the trip. Obviously if you fly outside the high tourist season (December to March) the prices will be lower. It’s also a good idea to consider the deals available online, especially if you can plan the vacation in advance.

Accommodation: since you are already in the capital, it’s a good idea to allow couple of days to check out the sights and get to know the culture. Honolulu is quite expensive when it comes to accommodation, but if you look carefully there are enough cheap Honolulu hotels to choose from. You can also look into visiting the second largest island, Maui. There are many things to check out and natural beauty to enjoy, so you should look into booking Maui hotel rooms for couple of days. Consider coming outside the peak travel season. You will save a lot on accommodation and you won’t have to bump into hordes of tourists either.

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