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There Is Still Time to Fly to Hawaii for Valentine’s Day

valentine-barcelonaHawaii is a very romantic vacation destination and the place where many couples decide to get married or spend their honeymoon. Also, many couples consider Hawaii as a great Valentine’s Day getaway. Sure, the day is fast approaching and Hawaii is not exactly a cheap place to visit, but with a bit of planning you can find very interesting ways to save money.

First of all, there are the Hawaii Airlines deals . The company offers excellent rates for flights between the US and the Hawaiian Islands and their deals change often. Many airlines offer excellent rates during the shoulder and off season.

Waikiki is definitely the most popular vacation destination in Hawaii. Located on Oahu Island, it is the center of the vacation life. Most of the luxury hotels are located right on the beach but if you are after the cheap hotels in Waikiki -which, by the way, can be very romantic – you need to consider staying further from the beach. After all, a couple of blocks of walking haven’t hurt anyone (seriously).

If you prefer a less crowded Hawaiian experience, choose Kaui. The island is suitable for those who like to spend their vacation in nature, exploring its beauty. Hotels in Kaui tend to me more affordable than those in other touristy spots, but do remember that you’ll be traveling during the high season and Hawaii is not a cheap destination anyway.

Even if you don’t manage to find a flight and a hotel for Valentine’s Day, you shouldn’t give up. The high season ends in March but the fun doesn’t end there. More affordable hotels and less crowded places definitely ensure a lovely holiday if you choose to fly here during the shoulder season. Plus, you should show your love every single day, not only on special days (right?).