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Tandem Zipline Rides in Maui


Picture this – you’re planning your Hawaii honeymoon, and as newlyweds you want to experience everything together. You’re awash in the glow of your recent nuptials and the whole point of this piece of time is to be joined at the hip (sometimes literally), right? So why would you want to do an adventure trip where you each had to go alone and just recap the event over dinner? Instead of watching your newly-betrothed get an adrenaline rush while you wait your turn, give the Kapalua Resort’s side-by-side zip lines a try.

With Kapalua Adventures, you can take part in all kinds of unique activities that might get your blood pumping as much as your wedding night. The resort features traditional sports like kayaking and hiking, a challenging course that’ll have you walking on wires high above the ground (yes, you’re totally strapped in and safe!) and the recently introduced two-person zipline ride. There’s an existing zip-line course that’s a single-seater, if you want a little alone time away from your travel companions, but keep in mind that since gravity is the thing that makes these rides go you’ll get way more speed if you’ve got two people on one line. In fact, with the new side-by-side zipline ride, you can get going up to 60 MPH! Talk about a rush!

This unique two-person zip line ride is the only one in Hawaii, and it provides you with not only a chance to zoom along at 60 MPH, but also soar above stunning Maui scenery while you’re at it. The zipline course is almost two miles long, making it one of the longest in North America. You’ll see Maui from a vantage point that’s otherwise impossible (unless you’re a bird), and you can do it in tandem with the love of your life. What could be more romantic? And what’s great is that you don’t have to be staying at the resort to take part in any of the adventure activities – the adventure programs are open to everyone, from resort guests, to non-resort guests, and even residents.

For more information, see the Kapalua Adventures website.