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Take Precautions Against Sunburn in Hawaii – Please!

Look, I know you are coming to Hawaii for the sun and the weather and the beautiful
beaches. I know because that is what I love about Hawaii too – but do you know what I hate about Hawaii? I hate it when I go to a touristy beach and I see tourists walking around or sunbathing that are *already beet red and burnt by the sun!* I just don’t get it! Just looking at these people is painful to me.

So here’s what you do to avoid getting burnt on your vacation.

  1. First, buy a surf shirt. Women and men alike can wear these. They are actually quite fashionable. They are UV resistant shirts that have cool surfer logos on them and will completely prevent exposure on your upper body. For the kids, get the incredibly cute wetsuit / swimsuits that will cover everything from their knees to their elbows. My son and my husband wear one of these swimming … even to the pool! As I get older I have found I am more susceptible to sunburn so I went and picked one up for myself a month ago.
  2. Get a hat. You don’t even need to get a huge safari hat, even though these are the best at keeping sun off your head and neck. A baseball cap or visor is better than nothing. Women, you’ll actually like a visor or hat because you can keep your hair physically under control instead of trying to battle Hawaii humidity and wind with hairspray alone. (p.s. women, don’t wear foundation! It’s useless in Hawaii and will get wiped off with the sweat within an hour)
  3. Do not spend all day in the sun! Take your beach or boat trip in the morning and do a museum or shopping trip in the afternoon.
  4. Wear sunblock. Really, wear sunblock. You will still get tan, I promise. Wear at
    least 30 spf. If we are going to be out in the sun for more than 3 hours, we wear 50 spf. Reapply every 1.5 hours, especially your back and face.
  5. Stay under cover. Sit under the umbrella, put your beach stuff under a tree, stay under the canopy on the boat.
  6. If you get burnt, treat it kindly. Put aloe vera lotion on it, and don’t expose it to the sun again for a few days.