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Spending Your Honeymoon in Hawaii

mauiThere are many reasons why Americans love to spend their honeymoon in Hawaii. Thanks to the gorgeous weather, Hawaii is a great getaway when winter strikes in the Northern Hemisphere. And being part of the USA, the language barrier is non existent so traveling here is relaxing and fun.

Choosing between packages and booking the flight and hotel separately

It’s always a good idea to start by checking out the airlines tickets airline tickets to Hawaii for different dates. Consider looking at airlines which you fly often on as they might offer some special discounts. Also, make sure to take into account the cost of transfers to/from the hotel.

Then, start looking for packages. Hawaii vacation packages are created to cater for many types of travelers, whether they are looking for a romantic getaway, spending their honeymoon or enjoying an active vacation on the islands. The packages come in many forms; you can find hotel-only offers, flight-only offers or a combination of those.

In some cases, it’s cheaper to get a package which comprises the accommodation, meals and some additional services (if available) and book the cheap flights to Hawaii separately. This is especially the case when you can find an excellent on-line deal only offered by an airline flying into Hawaii.

Choosing the right island for your budget

Over all, Hawaii is not exactly the cheapest honeymoon destination. The most popular islands – Oahu and Maui – tend to be overcrowded with tourists and, as a result, quite expensive as well. With careful planning though, it is possible to find nice, affordable places to stay.

Many couples choose the island of Oahu and start exploring its capital, Honolulu. Waikiki tends to be over-run by tourists during the high season, so if you are looking for a relaxed vacation, you should probably avoid this area (or include it as part of a day of sightseeing).

Hotels in Honolulu tend to be more expensive than on the other islands, but with some careful planning you will be able to find something that suits your budget. Typically, spring and fall are excellent times to travel if you plan to save money on accommodation. But starting from mid-December the prices start to climb sharply (unless you can find an incredible deal).

Maui is known as a very romantic place and an excellent honeymoon destination. It offers excellent beaches, lush tropical landscape and a variety of beach activities. Plus, you can take scenic drives and explore unique towns.

Hotels in Maui are just as expensive as the ones in Honolulu though. We can safely say that it’s easier to find high-end resorts right on the beach than cheap places to stay. But if you are willing to stay further from the all the hustle and bustle of the beach activities, you’ll be able to find something affordable.

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