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Snorkeling in Maui

Taking a trip to Maui can be an adventure all in itself, but if you are taking a special trip to snorkel you will be fully satisfied in your choice of destination. There are so many things to see off the shores of Maui that it is difficult to put it all into words. From Turtles to Tropical Fish, you can come to the beaches of Maui to see all there is to see while snorkeling. There are a lot of places for you to snorkel off the coast, but some are better than others. Here is a small list of the best.

Honolua Bay
Honolua Bay is in the Kapalua area in West Maui. This beach is part of the Marine Life Conservation District. This makes for magnificent snorkeling, the tropical fish are high in number and the coral reef is untouched by humans, giving you a spectacular view. The right side of the bay provides the best scenery for snorkeling and diving expeditions. You need to be aware of your surroundings at all times, there could be some possible strong currents and high surf depending on the season. This place has wonderful adventures waiting for you.

Ahihi Bay
This bay is also part of the Marine Life Conservation District, making this a wonderful place to explore the depths of the sea. Ahihi Bay is located 5 miles from Kihei and a mile from Makena Beach. The fish are not afraid of snorkelers or divers, making this an amazing expedition. You will want to arrive early to find a parking place, and enter the bay at the west side. There is a cement slab that makes it easier to enter here rather than at the east side. There are a lot of Turtles in this bay along with Eagle Rays.

La Perouse Bay
Another Bay that is within the Marine Life Conservation District is that of La Perouse Bay. This is the sight of the last lava flow on Maui that occured in the 1790’s. You will not want to miss the coral formations that lie on the east end of the bay. The fish that reside here are a bit skiddish and won’t let you get to close, but there are spinner dolphins that visit the bay in groups of 30 or more, this is a magnificent sight. This is a remote beach without lifeguards and if the waves are breaking hard on shore you shouldn’t try to go out.

Molokini Crater
In order to visit the Molokini Crater you will have to board a tour vessel and travel to the site. There are many hotels that offer this service. This is the most amazing adventure that you will ever experience. This is the sight of a non-active volcano, and home to over 250 species of fish. This sight is also a part of the Marine Life Conservation District, which allows you to see many fish. The water here is of the clearest in Maui and you can see into the depths of the ocean. No words can describe the awesome feeling you’ll get while snorkeling here.

Coral Gardens
Coral Gardens is a place for the more advanced snorkelers to visit. This is located just below the west Maui Mountains and has an astounding amount of tropical fish. You could also see turtles, dolphins, rays and many other species while snorkeling here. This is part of the Princess Alexandra National Park and is patrolled by the National Parks Service, so be sure that you follow all the rules.