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School Holidays in Hawaii

Virtually all the public schools in Hawaii are on the same year-round schedule. They have a first semester of about July 31st to December 20th and a second semester of about January 12th, to June 7th. The holidays are:

  • 3rd Friday in August – Statehood Day or Admissions Day
  • 1st Monday in September – Labor Day
  • 1st Tuesday in November following 1st Monday of even-numbered years – General Election Day
  • 11th of November – Veterans Day
  • 4th Thursday in November – Thanksgiving Day
  • 4th Friday in November – Holiday Day
  • 25th of December – Christmas
  • 1st of January – New Year’s Day
  • 3rd Monday in January – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • 3rd Monday in February – Presidents’ Day
  • 26th of March – Prince Kuhio Day
  • Last two weeks of March – Spring break
  • Friday before Easter – Good Friday
  • Last Monday in May – Memorial Day
  • 11th of June – King Kamehameha I Day

Most private schools in Hawaii are not on the year round schedule. Their schedules vary from school to school. Many do choose to honor the Hawaii State Holidays of Prince Kuhio Day and King Kamehameha Day in place of Washington’s Birthday and Columbus Day.