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Ocean Science Discovery Center In Hawaii

The Ocean Science Discovery Center is a great facility for both adults and children alike. They offer many activities, including offering information about dolphins, fish, whales, coral reefs, and other sea creatures so that visitors may learn more about life under the sea.

The Ocean Science Discovery Center also hosts public events that include lectures and video and slide show presentations. Journals, publications, audio tapes, video, and research papers are available for viewing in one of the many centers inside of this establishment. Many events are hosted during the course of the year, offering excitement for all ages.

Customers may also host birthday parties for children for which the facility offers entertainment, supervision, a boat cruise, crafts, and more. Consumers are able to choose from three ocean themes, including turtles, whales and dolphins, and sharks.

Other events are hosted on a month to month basis, offering educational activities and information on the many different creatures of the Ocean. Other informative activities include environmental awareness lectures. Many school programs are hosted here, and can be a very educational and exciting experience for children.

Many more activities are planned throughout the day by individuals who volunteer at this facility. Volunteers are always happy to answer questions and concerns. Other activities may be hosted by popular demand or request.

What To Expect
Most of the activities for the center are hosted indoors. The facility itself may be cool, and a sweater or light jacket may be neccesary. Field trips for schools are often hosted by the center, and the building may be quite crowded.

Hours of Operation
The hours of operation are 9am to 7pm seven days a week. The center is typically open all year around. Hours are subject to change.

Admission Cost
The Ocean Science Discovery Center is a non-profit organization, but does accept donations. Fees are subject to change and may vary. Other activities may cost a small fee.

How To Get There
The Ocean Science Discovery Center is located on 300 Maalaea Drive, Suite 211 in Wailuku Hawaii, overlooking Ma’alaea Harbor