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Ocean Concepts – Diving Tour Operator

Ocean Concepts is the best dive company on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The company is well known for their professionalism, skill, and for earning scuba’s highest level of appreciation, PADI. If you plan to do some diving while visiting Oahu, whether as a trained diver or someone who wants to learn, Ocean Concepts is certainly the company to go to.

What They Offer
Ocean Concepts offers a variety of options to suit any person’s needs and schedule. They offer training in all levels of scuba from recreational to professionalism and specialty classes, such as underwater photography. The average rate for a basic, group class starts at US$279 which includes training, equipment, and two dives on Saturday and Sunday. For a basic, private class the average rate is US$350 giving you more benefits than the group class. Private classes offer you the best instructors and dive opportunities, all equipment, training, and a schedule that you pick yourself.

If you are already a trained diver and want to go on an excursion while visiting Oahu, Ocean Concepts is known as having the best dive spots in Oahu, including shipwrecks. Boat charters go out every day to multiple dive spots that vary in scenery. For further details on charters, contact Ocean Concepts directly.

All dives, whether in class or charter, supply equipment, lunch, snacks, fresh fruit, beverages, and hotel transportation.

Why Choose Ocean Concepts

  • They are recognized by the Professional Association of Dive Instructors.
  • The best liability insurance in Oahu.
  • The biggest PADI certification agency in Oahu.
  • They recognize other agencies as well, not just PADI.
  • All dive trips are to some of Oahu’s most important dive spots on the west coast.
  • Professional, well trained staff and instructors.
  • They offer special dive events and excursions.
  • Rates, schedules and classes are versatile to suit your needs.
  • They have multiple shops on the island.
  • Military discounts are available.