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Whale Watching on the Navatek I

I have confession to make. Despite being born and raised on an island in the middle of the Pacific, I’m quite the landlubber. I get seasick quite easily and as a result, I rarely participate in events that mean I’ll have to be out in the water on a boat. So while many people would jump at the chance to go whale watching aboard the Navatek I, I was nervous! Add in the fact that the cruise includes a buffet lunch, yikes!

But I’m happy to report that the Navatek lived up to its promise of being a smooth sail after all. The SWATH (small waterplane area twin hull) design of the vessel sounds really technical, but all I was really concerned about was that it would work. Although there were a few moments that were a little rough if we were inside, it was easily fixed by a quick trip outside for fresh air. We ended up spending most of the time outside because it was such a beautiful day. (Don’t forget your sunscreen!)

Three levels of viewing areas meant that there was always space to roam outside and search for whales on the horizon. Whenever a pod of humpback whales was sighted, the captain would turn the ship so that we were facing them. Frequently, as soon as we did this, there’d be a sighting on the other side! In fact, if the on-board naturalist does not sight a whale during your cruise, you’re given a return cruise free! It seems unlikely that they’d ever need to do this given that the Navatek is able to travel faster and further than most whale watch cruises. Still, nice to know.

The Navatek offers whale watch cruises in the morning with breakfast ($49 adult, $25 child), or for the mid-day lunch buffet ($69 adult, $35 child). Both are seasonal (December – April) and include shuttle service from Waikiki to the pier, or self-park at Aloha Tower Marketplace for a nominal fee.

>> Read more information on Whale Watching in Hawaii or to book your tour on the Navatek, visit their website or call (808) 973-1311 for reservations.

>> If you’re a landlubber like me, rest assured that there are plenty of other Things to Do both on land and sea!

I was invited to participate in the whale watch cruise compliments of Navatek I and Atlantis Cruises, however the opinions here are completely my own. View photos from our cruise here. (And from some of the others with better cameras here.)