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Must Pack Item: Waterproof Digital Camera

Some items on your Hawaii packing list will be obvious: bathing suits, camera, sunscreen, sunglasses. All this items are necessities for most trips to the islands, but one you might not have thought of is a digital underwater camera. Or you may have considered it, but then thought it wasn’t something you really needed.  I admit, I was skeptical at first too. I doubted how much use I’d get out of such a thing. Sure, I take pictures at the beach, but do I really need shots under the sea? The surprising answer: yes I do.

Okay, maybe I don’t technically need to take pictures underwater, but I really enjoy having the option. A waterproof digital camera not only allows you to take pictures in and under the water, it also provides a lot more piece of mind when just hanging out around the water. No more snatching up the camera when wet kids come running, or worrying about it getting dripped on or dropping it in the pool. Even if the underwater shots you take are minimal, the protection offered by a waterproof camera can’t be beat. You could just buy a travel camera case, but that only works to protect your camera when you aren’t using it.

An underwater camera comes in particularly handy while diving or snorkeling in Hawaii. There is so much life under the sea, and you’ll want to capture it all, from the brightly colored fish to the giant sea turtles. Good  underwater shots can be just as beautiful as the best land photography and can help commemorate a special moment on your trip, so study some travel photography tips, get in the water, and start snapping!

Photo by CRASH:candy