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Looking for Romance? Look No Further Than Hawaii

It’s no surprise that Hawaii is one of the most popular honeymoon destination in the US, as well as one of the most popular spots (after Vegas of course) for a destination wedding. The islands seems designed for romance – from the moment you step off the plane and her your first “Aloha” to nights spent listening to the crashing of waves underneath a canopy of bright stars. In Hawaii, you can enjoy the sun and sand, lounge by the hotel pool, or be more active – visiting farmers markets and coffee plantations, learning to surf or horseback ride, or exploring the Hawaiian culture.

Many people assume that a romantic vacation in the islands is out of their budget, but romantic travel deals are easy to find at a variety of price points. Cheap Maui hotels don’t have to be basic and boring either. In fact, many of the least expensive places – the small, family run beach bungalows and bed and breakfasts – are among the most charming and romantic. You can even camp in many national parks throughout Hawaii. What could be more romantic than sleeping under the stars, cooking by candlelight and dozing off to the sound of the waves?

In most cases, your flights to Hawaii will be your biggest expense. But you can still find deals. September to early November are months when fares are generally lower. Summer, spring break, and over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are times when you’ll likely spend them most. Time your trip right and you could experience the romance of Hawaii on a small budget.

Photo by Gryphia