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Kiteboarding School of Maui in Hawaii

The Kiteboarding School of Maui was founded in 1999. The school pairs students one on one with highly trained and enthusiastic coaches to provide a fast and safe learning environment. In 2007, Forbestraveler.com selected this as one of the top ten adventures in Hawaii. The school is certified with the International Kiteboarding Organization, and is one of the first schools in the United States to be certified.

Program Information
The school has developed a three tier program, which caters to students at all ability levels.

Beginner Level
The beginner level is set up to introduce basic kite control and safety to the student. During this section of training, students will learn to determine the safety of weather conditions, how to set up the kite with assistance, how to use basic safety equipment, as well as how to launch and control the kite while walking and changing directions.

  • Lesson 1: Kite Control
  • Lesson 2: Kite Control/body drag
  • Lesson 3: Kiteboarding/water start

Intermediate Level
The intermediate level is designed to teach the student to control the kite and use the body drag skill. Upon completion of this level, the student should be able to enter and exit the water independently, launch and land safely, perform water launches, and utilize the body drag and direction change skills.

  • Lesson 4: Kiteboarding Upwind
  • Lesson 5: Kiteboarding Transitions
  • Lesson 6: Kiteboarding with boards

Advanced Level
This program is designed to allow the student to increase their skill and difficulty level. Upon completion of this program, students should be able to perform all launches, as well as basic loops, rolls, and freestyle skills.

  • Lesson 7: Kiteboarding Freestyle
  • Lesson 8: Kiteboarding Instructor Training

Pricing (all equipment included)

Beginner Level
1 day /4 learning hours $290
2 days/ 7 learning hours $490
3 days/10 learning hours $675
4 days/13 learning hours $850
5 days/16 learning hours $975

Intermediate Level (3 hour courses)
Lesson #4- $210
Lesson # 5 $210
Lesson # 6 $210

Advanced Level (3 hour courses)
Lesson #7 $240
Lesson #8 $240

For more information please visit www.ksmaui.com or call (808) 873-0015