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Kipu Ranch Adventures

Kipu Ranch Adventures provides a tour of Kauai that is a little different than the typical helicopter tour. It is different than an airplane tour. Kipu Ranch Adventures provides one of the most environmentally friendly tours of the island on an ATV. Those who tour on an ATV learn about the landscape and history of Hawaii in a whole new way.

What to Expect
In Hawaii you can expect mild weather. It hardly ever gets warmer than 85 or cooler than 70. You can expect to see areas that were used as locations in the movies, Indiana Jones, Mighty Joe Young, Outbreak, Jurassic Park The Lost World and others. Adventure lovers have often said they love touring Hawaii in an ATV. Nature lovers and photographers have said the same thing. Besides individual tours, there are tours available for weddings, companies, and other private groups. Officials from Kipu Ranch Adventures have said they have gotten thousands of comments and letters because of their knowledgeable tour guides.

The Tours
The three hour “Ranch Tour” allows passengers to not only see the beautiful Hawaii scenery, but also wild turkeys, peacocks, wild pigs, and cattle. Those taking the tour will also get to see the famous Kipu Kai and Hule’ia river. Those taking the tour can choose from a one, two, three or four passenger vehicle. A four hour picnic lunch tour is also available. Drinks, snacks, helmets, goggles, and bandanas are provided. Private parties of four or more cost $50 extra.

Admission prices are $130.21, which includes tax, for a driver 16 and older; $104.17 for a passenger 16 and older; $104.17 for a senior citizen 65 and older; and $75 for a child aged 5-15. Private parties of four or more cost $50 extra.

The Vehicles for Kipu Ranch Adventures
There are a variety of vehicles, includes single rider vehicles, two passenger vehicles, three passenger vehicles, and four passenger vehicles. One only needs to be 16 to drive the single passenger vehicle. Requirements for the other vehicles range from 18 to 21.