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Ka’anapali Beach Hotel in Maui


You might think you know what Hawaiian culture is, but when you check into your average Hawaii hotel you’ll be greeted with the same boring lobby and standard hotel room that could be just about anywhere on earth. Instead of opting for “the usual,” start getting immersed in all things Hawaiian from the moment you walk into your hotel. With a stay at Ka’anapali Beach Hotel in Maui, that will be no trouble at all.

Named Maui’s “Most Hawaiian Hotel,” Ka’anapali Beach Hotel is the place to experience more than just the island’s famous beaches. In fact, upon your arrival you’ll be greeted by the staff with a Hawaiian song and dance (all staff members are singers!), along with a lei made of dark kukui nuts. Return visitors receive one light-colored kukui nut for each trip back to the hotel, signifying their long relationship with Ka’anapali. And if you didn’t get enough of the staff singing, don’t worry – they’ve got music in their hearts quite often, and may break into song at any moment.

The hotel staff is also dedicated to making your stay unique by getting you involved with traditional Hawaiian activities. You can learn to make a lei, get classes in hula dancing or playing the ukelele, and even watch the pros make that staple of the Hawaiian diet – poi. Many of the activities which are organized from Ka’anapali Beach Hotel are free to guests, so be sure to ask what’s on offer during your stay. And in addition to the activities the hotel itself puts on, the staff is happy to help you organize any tour or activity in Maui as well.

The Ka’anapali Beach Hotel has more than 400 rooms and some of the most beautiful beachfront property on Maui, but it’s not a big chain hotel so you aren’t getting a generic tropical experience. You’re also not going to be paying the kinds of high prices you might expect for such choice real estate. Sure, backpackers on a real budget may not be able to afford it for a week, but this is definitely not just the place for the rich and famous. With rates starting at just $220 a night (including breakfast), it’s an affordable luxury for many.