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Joe’s Simply Delicious Food

Joe’s Simply Delicious Food is one of the hottest spots on the beautiful island of Maui and has been written up in such illustrious magazines as USA Today showcasing their wonderful cuisine. At Joe’s Simply Delicious Food diners can enjoy the cuisine that highlights the simplicity of down home comfort foods that America is popular for while taking in the spectacular ocean views that border the beachfront culture spot.

This popular eatery opened by showbiz veteran and member, then manager of ‘The Kingston Trio’, Joe Gannon has hosted such luminaries as Alice Cooper, Bill Cosby, Madonna, and Neil Diamond along with a long list of other famous individuals but remains a favorite of tourists of all types. The kitchen is governed by master chef, and Joe’s wife Bev who he considers ‘the best chef around’ and many who have visited their delightful restaurant agree.

What the Menu Offers

Enjoy cuisine from seafood to steak or combinations that will make your mouth water at Joe’s Simply Delicious Food. Diners can choose from several different menus including the poultry lovers, meat lovers, vegetarian lovers and seafood lovers menus for a wide variety of specials as well as a children’s menu making this the perfect family restaurant while on your Hawaiian vacation.

Joe’s Simply Delicious Food Provides:

  • Full bar
  • Wine List
  • Children’s Menus
  • Group Accommodations
  • Appetizers including Bev’s World Famous Crab Dip

Joe’s Simply Delicious Food is the culinary pinnacle that creates masterpieces out of common cuisine. From what started as a dream while Joe was in the military that stayed with him through a long and varied career in the music industry is now a reality in the most beautiful place on earth. Sharing their love of the island and fine simple food, Joe and his wife, also no stranger to the music industry having been a road manager for Liza Minelli when they met give their customers an entertainment atmosphere that visitors have come to expect and love whenever they visit the glorious island of Maui.

Joe’s Simply Delicious Food is a fun and entertaining atmosphere all around as the whole family gets involved. Daughter Teresa “Cheech” Gannon-Shurilla prepares delicious deserts that provide the perfect end to a special meal.