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Travel insurance – just the words kind of put a damper on your vacation planning, don’t they? They insinuate that something will go wrong to ruin your perfect Hawaiian getaway. They let a little dark hint of doom seep into your glowing vacation dreams. But here’s the thing – it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to guard against something going wrong, the best course of action is to just get yourself some travel insurance and then stop thinking about it. After all, it never rains when you bring your umbrella along, does it?

Seriously, travel insurance costs a lot less than most people realize, so it’s worth at least getting a quote. You probably won’t need to use it – and we hope you don’t – but just in case you do, it’s there for you. In case of an emergency, it’s one less thing to worry about.

The different kinds of travel insurance are listed below, with brief explanations of each. Insurance can be complicated business, so click on the links to learn more and get a quote today.

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Types of Travel Insurance

Trip Protection Insurance
With this insurance, you can get paid back for travel expenses which are otherwise non-refundable if something like a sickness, death, or airline strike prevents you from taking your trip. Additionally, most policies also cover some “acts of nature,” which could come up when you’re talking about visiting a tropical destination like Hawaii. Compared to the thousands you could lose if you had to cancel your trip at the last minute, Trip Protection Insurance is downright cheap.

Click here to get more information or a quote on Trip Protection Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance
Even if you have medical insurance coverage at home, it may not cover you when you leave your home network – and even if it does, it may not cover all your expenses should you have a medical emergency during your trip. And for the people who don’t have any medical insurance at all, this might be a really great option. At the very least, it will give you some peace of mind knowing a medical emergency won’t sap up your life savings.

Of course, it’s not as if Hawaii is a particularly dangerous vacation destination. But if you’re thinking you might give surfing a try, or that you might go hiking up a volcano, or that swimming alongside jellyfish sounds cool, then you can’t really rule out having a medical emergency.




Click here to get more information or a quote on Travel Medical Insurance

Flight/Travel Accident Insurance
As the name suggests, this insurance comes into play in the event that something catastrophic happens to your flight. Obviously, you really hope you don’t need to call in a claim on this policy, but it’s good for a little peace of mind.

Click here to get more information or a quote on Flight/Travel Accident Insurance

Annual Multi-Trip Insurance
If you travel several times a year and you’d rather get one insurance policy that covers all your trips away from home than have to get a separate policy every time you go away, then this is the insurance you want to get.

Click here to get more information or a quote on Annual multi-trip Insurance

Emergency Evacuation Insurance
Lots of people who visit Hawaii take advantage of the many adventure sports and activities available on the islands. If you plan to be one of those people and you don’t relish the idea of getting stuck in whatever hospital is closest to you when you have a surfing accident, then get an Emergency Evacuation Insurance policy. It’ll get you from Hawaii to the nearest adequate medical facility (or a hospital near your home) in case of a serious illness or injury during your trip.

Click here to get more information or a quote on Emergency Evacuation Insurance


Is travel insurance for you?

Some travelers have never heard of travel insurance, while others never leave home without it. If you’ve never even thought about it before, do yourself a favor and click on at least one of the links above and get a quote. You might be surprised at just how inexpensive travel insurance can be, and that might help you make your decision about whether to invest in it. When you consider how much you’re paying for your whole vacation, spending a little extra to have peace of mind is probably worth it.

And here’s a suggestion – if you’re traveling to Hawaii for a honeymoon, or any other kind of trip where people are apt to be giving you presents, why not suggest travel insurance as a gift idea? It’s the kind of thing that makes the gift giver feel great, knowing they’ve gotten you something you probably wouldn’t have bought yourself, and it lets you travel worry-free.

Do remember that the travel insurance policies listed here don’t cover things like theft or loss of your personal belongings, such as your iPod or camera or laptop computer. If you’re worried about that, check your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy to see if they cover your personal items when you’re away from home.

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