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Honeymooning in Hawaii: Package trip or a la carte?

weddingThe word “summer” means different things to different people, but to anyone who’s recently gotten engaged it’s hard to not follow the word “summer” with the word “wedding.” Whether you plan your nuptials during the summer months or not, however, you can always schedule your honeymoon for the summer. And although there’s really no bad time to visit Hawaii, planning a summer honeymoon trip to Hawaii is high on many couples’ lists.

Unfortunately planning a cheap honeymoon trip to Hawaii isn’t always easy.

Hawaii is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations, especially for couples traveling from the United States, and the travel industry knows this. You’ll see countless trips advertised as special “honeymoon travel deals” to Hawaii that either aren’t any cheaper than if you booked a trip on your own or are actually more expensive than you’d pay if you skipped a few of the unnecessary extras. Having everyone at the hotel or resort know you’re on your honeymoon may seem like a great idea, but there’s no reason you can’t mention it here and there when you arrive – you don’t have to book a special “honeymoon package” to have people offer congratulations.

Instead of booking something marketed as a honeymoon package, then, try looking for packages that aren’t specifically targeted at newlyweds. The main things every traveler needs will still be included, and you can always opt to buy a special floral arrangement, bottle of champagne, or romantic room treatment on the spur of the moment when you get there.

Also note that before you buy any package trip it’s always best to investigate the prices on the individual components of the trip to make sure you can’t find them cheaper if bought individually. Finding cheap tickets to Hawaii in the summer might be tougher than if you booked a trip in the shoulder seasons, but sometimes there are special deals where flights are at bargain prices – and you can bet package trips don’t change their prices to reflect that.

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