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Hawaiian Fire Surf School, Honolulu

Hawaiian Fire Surf School, Honolulu – Hawaii is one of the most unique surf schools in all the islands. Your instructors include off-duty Honolulu City Firefighters, dedicated to your safety as well as teaching you the fine art of surfing. They offer many different types of lessons for beginner to private lessons dedicated directly to your needs, on a private beach away from the crowds on other local beaches.

Hawaiian Fire Surf School offers their lessons on a private, secluded beach on the Southwestern side of Oahu, approximately 45 minutes away from the bustling beaches of Waikiki. Each instructor is concerned with safety first, and they are all certified in CPR, Open Water Rescue, and other safety techniques. They also only use rubber/foam covered surfboards to cut down on injuries from runaway boards.

What To Expect
Group sizes with Hawaiian Fire Surf School are kept very small for the most personal experience. The maximum group size is 15 students, but 8-12 is a more typical group size. The instructor to student ratio is 3:1 or better, so you can be sure that you will get lots of hands on attention. They provide everything you need, from a foam covered surfboard to transportation to their secluded beach, you just need to bring your bathing suit, towel, water, and sunscreen. You don’t even need to bring a camera, because the Hawaiian Fire school offers professional photos of your surfing experience for sale after your surfing adventure.

Hours of Operation
Hawaiian Fire Surf School, Honolulu – Hawaii offers two lesson tours every day. The first begins with a 7:00am pickup, with an 11:30am drop off, including your 2-hour surfing lesson. The second begins with a 9:30am pickup and a 2pm drop off, including your 2-hour surf lesson.

Lesson Cost
Premium Lessons, with a 3 to one student teacher ratio cost $109 ($99 for youth – ages 11-17 yrs).
Private Lessons, with a private instructor cost $129 for a child under 12 years old, and $179 for adults.
Children 5-10 years old must take a private lesson. For ages 12 and up, a premium lesson is recommended in a majority of cases, but feel free to call the school for more information.

How To Get There
You can find the Hawaiian Fire Surf School’s office and retail store at 3318 Campbell Avenue,
Honolulu, HI 96815. Store hours are 8am to 5pm daily. Or, you can call them at (808) 737-3473, or fax them at: (808) 737-8908.

Full disclosure:  The author also works part-time at Hawaiian Fire Surf School, so she knows first-hand their commitment to a great surfing experience. However, there are many other options for surfing on Oahu. Review sites such as Tripadvisor.com may provide comparison.