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Hawaiian Chocolate Company

Founded by Bob and Pam Cooper, the Hawaiian Chocolate Company headquarters and six acre farm has been doing business in Kailua, Hawaii since relocating in 1997 from North Carolina.

Home of the world’s finest Estate chocolate, the Hawaiian Chocolate Company does not go the traditional route of making their chocolate from cocoa beans from various parts of the world. Instead, they grow cocoa beans from their own cacao trees. For five months, they wait until the pods are ripe before handpicking and slicing them open. Cocoa beans are extracted and fermented before being sun dried for almost a month.

Once sorted and subsequently roasted, the beans are filtered in a process that leaves only the pure chocolate, which is then ground into a paste. The rest of the ingredients is then added before the batch is made into a batch of chocolate fluid. After tempering and molding, solid bars of Hawaiian Chocolate Factory are ready to be sold. And consumed!

The cocoa beans are processed in their own micro processing factory, the only one found in Hawaii, which allows the Cooper’s total quality control in every aspect of production of their products. By not blending their beans as other companies do, they are able to preserve the chocolate’s natural quality, producing dark and milk chocolate with distinctive tastes.

Overlooking the coastline of Kona, the Cooper’s are not only living their dream in paradise but are also producing quality products, including not just their Hawaiian chocolate but Kona coffee as well, utilizing the natural resources of volcanic soil and the perfect blend of sun and showers to create their own unique flavors that can’t be found anywhere else in the world!

Other chocolate distributors use the traditional cocoa blends or imported beans to process their products. Remember this the next time you pick up a chocolate bar; The only chocolate grown and processed from Hawaii is that from the Hawaiian Chocolate Factory. Only a few thousand pounds is produced each year, so hurry to experience for yourself their unique product! Shipping is available to the continental United States.