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Hawaiian Beach Rentals

vacation-rental-house-r1vr15430.jpgInterested in bringing the comforts of home with you to Hawaii? If you dream of a Hawaiian vacation without staying in a high rise hotel or big resort, a great option is staying in a vacation rental house. On every island, there are copious numbers of houses that tourists can rent from anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Especially if you are traveling with a family, renting a house for your vacation can give you not only added space, but a full-sized kitchen and the comforts of home. You can take advantage of the local fish and farmers markets (and save some dough!) by cooking some of your meals right at your little Hawaiian home away from home. In addition to being more spacious and comfortable, renting a home in Hawaii can also save you some serious money. You’ll spend less renting a 4 bedroom beach-front house than on a small hotel room for the same amount of time.

Every rental house has its own unique personality and charm. I will never forget the outdoor shower at the house my family stayed at on the Big Island. I showered with palm tress swaying above my head and gecko lizards climbing on the walls. Right out the front door was the most amazing view of the sun setting over the volcanic rocks. On Kauai, we stayed at a house lofted in the palms and only steps from Tunnels Beach. I loved rolling out of bed in the morning and strolling down the little path to the beach.

The best part of staying away from the big hotels and resorts is the type of vacation you get. Further away from the other tourists and closer to your Hawaiian neighbors, you can explore the islands in an entirely different way. Venture into the neighborhoods, visit the local markets and relax in a peaceful setting away from it all.

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