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The allure of Hawaii is obvious, with the sun, sand, sea, and culture. Though it is the 50th United State, it still sits 2000 miles from the nearest continent, making it a unique place to visit with a natural beauty that is tough to match anywhere in the world. Hawaii is unlike many other tropical island destinations in that it’s […]

Renting in Hawaii

It’s football season and the rivalries are out! Whether you’re following your home team (even in paradise – that’s devotion!) or just looking for a place to kick back with a beer and some grub, we’ve got you covered. Here are just a few of your options for sports bars in Waikiki. Keep in mind that Hawaii Standard Time puts […]

5 Places to Watch Football in Waikiki

Unless you’ve been living in some sort of fallout shelter awaiting the apocalypse (which I’m pretty sure is upon us after seeing photos of Sydney covered in a thick red haze), you are very much aware that we are in the midst of a pretty bad global recession right now. Stock markets crashed, big banks and car manufacturers took giant […]

Hot Hotels Deals in Hawaii

Sometimes the most torturous part of working for a travel company is that you are constantly bombarded with really incredible travel deals, only a few of which you are ever actually able to take advantage of. And, while I’m certainly not complaining about living and breathing travel every day, it sure can make you want to pack up your suitcase […]

Fabulous fall and winter Hawaii travel deals

As Obama quickly gained national attention in his bid to become the next President of the United States, there immediately started to pop up Obama tourism in Hawaii. Trying to profit from the immense popularity of the new American political figure, tour operators began offering up packages that showcased some of Obama’s birthplace, childhood hangouts, the apartment he shared with […]

Obama Tours in Hawaii