While some will argue that Maui has enough charm to fill a whole week-long vacation or more, others choose to make it a stop on and island-hopping itinerary or a lazy long weekend getaway. This guide will take you through some of Maui’s must-sees like the Road to Hana and Haleakala National Park, but also makes time for amazing beaches, […]

3 Days in Maui: Itinerary Ideas

Many visitors through Maui simply drive straight past Upcountry Maui on their way to watch sunrise or sunset at Haleakala National Park. Frequently, people will bypass the region altogether, instead favoring the beaches of the South or Western shores of the island or perhaps taking the long and windy drive on the Road to Hana instead. For those who do […]

Maui Day Trip: Upcountry Maui

Honolulu is a study in contrasts. As the capital of the state of Hawaii, the city and county of Honolulu comprises the entire island of Oahu and is home to over 70% of the state’s population. If you’re looking for a metropolitan city with culture, nightlife, and more that just so happens to be situated right alongside a stretch of […]


Hawaii is a very romantic vacation destination and the place where many couples decide to get married or spend their honeymoon. Also, many couples consider Hawaii as a great Valentine’s Day getaway. Sure, the day is fast approaching and Hawaii is not exactly a cheap place to visit, but with a bit of planning you can find very interesting ways […]

There Is Still Time to Fly to Hawaii for Valentine’s ...

The natural beauty of the islands make Hawaii an excellent destination whether you want to get married, enjoy a honeymoon or you are dreaming of adventure trips . Once a major hub for pineapple and sugar industries, Hawaii is now economically dependent on tourism. When planning an active holiday on one of the Hawaiian Islands, try to keep in mind […]

Tips for Planning an Adventure Trip in Hawaii