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Free Things to Do in Hawaii

Hawaii has always been one of the top vacations spots for many families. Due to recent changes in the global economy many families have either had to cancel their vacations or go somewhere a little less expensive. Your family’s Hawaiian vacations doesn’t have to be ruined because your strapped for cash. There are plenty of fun and exciting things to […]

Diving in Hawaii

With such an amazing underwater ecosystem, it is no wonder that diving in Hawaii is such a popular activity. Hawaii offers many opportunities for even the most novice diver. Many diver tours offer basic dive certifications which are great for the average tourist who just wants a brief underwater experience. But, Hawaii still has plenty to offer for the more […]

Top 5 Hotels in Honolulu

Hawaii is known for its luxury accommodations for tourism and the beautiful island of Honolulu, has some of the world’s classiest hotels. Travelers can find any type of accommodation they prefer from resort to beach front bungalows. Massive resorts along the beautiful Honolulu coastline offer all of the most popular amenities and transportation to the areas cultural highlights and exciting […]

The Best Beaches on Oahu – Best Popular and Easy-to-find Beaches

When talking about an island made up of nothing but great beaches we could be here forever, so I’m going to break this post up a bit. These beaches are my favorite of the most popular beaches – the ones that are easy to find and filled with people. Going during the week will ease the crowding quite a bit […]