About Hawaii

Dreaming of a White Christmas, are you? Well, in Hawaii you definitely won’t be finding one of those! (With the exception of the snow atop our volcanoes, but that’s another story entirely.) Here in Hawaii, Santa arrives in a canoe (really!) and although we celebrate just the same as anywhere else, many visitors from colder locales say that enjoying the […]

Gift Ideas for the Hawaii Lover

There are many layers to the history of Hawaii, all of which have contributed in some way or another to the types of food you will find in Hawaii today. A multi-cultural heritage and the availability of fresh fish, fruits and produce make Hawaii a delicious place to explore. Sweet treats, like coco puffs and malasadas have been enjoyed by […]

What to Eat in Hawaii: Famous Hawaiian Food

Hawaii is full of natural beauty everywhere you turn – stunning, multi-colored sunsets, lush tropical rainforests, and rainbows peeking through the clouds. You can do your part to help take care of the land by making your Hawaii vacation as eco-friendly as possible. There is a new movement in Hawaii to increase energy efficiency and reduce our dependence on fossil […]

Ways to Go Green on Your Hawaiian Vacation

If you’ve never eaten a fresh, hot malasada, you may not understand the reason locals rejoice when Fat Tuesday rolls around in Hawaii – more affectionately known as Malasada Day. But once you’ve tried these sugar-coated balls of doughy goodness, you’ll see why people here just can’t get enough of them. There are many who observe Shrove Tuesday for religious […]

Malasada Day

March in Hawaii is prime time for viewing the annual humpback whale migration. You’ll also notice that, along with the typical snowbirds, Hawaii enjoys an influx of visitors from Japan during March, as it coincides with a series of Japanese holidays during a time known as “Golden Week.” For young Americans, March can mean a golden week of another sort […]

Hawaii in March

Sitting at home, snowed in, and dreaming of a tropical vacation? There are various webcams posted around the state which feature live looks at all kinds of views of Hawaii – sun, sand, seas, even snow! If you’re longing for a Hawaiian vacation, but can’t get away right this moment, this may be the next best thing. Duke’s surfcam – […]

Instant Hawaii

December is a wonderful time to visit Hawaii. You’ll find a variety of things to do, tons of local craft fairs and holiday parades, and of course beautiful beaches and temperatures possibly dipping into the 70’s… brrrr! Here’s just a small sampling of events taking place around the islands this December. Get in the holiday spirit 12/3 – Kauai Festival […]

Hawaii in December