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Diving in Oahu

Oahu proffers a splendid mixture of diving sites including grottos, offshore lava formations, plane wrecks, and shipwrecks. Divers will swim with the colorful schools of tropical fish such as milletseed butterfly fish or parrotfish, green sea turtles, and octopus that live in the waters around Oahu.

How to Get Around in Oahu

For transportation there are taxis, shuttles or excellent public transportation. When traveling beyond Honolulu renting a car is the best option.

Transportation to Diving Sites

Chartered diving is the way to go. The good dive charters will take divers to the best diving sites and provide transportation to and from Honolulu.

What to Expect

The expert guides are knowledgeable about the flora and fauna, the sites, the shipwrecks and the shallow reefs. The biggest quantity of diving sites is in Hawaii Kai and Maunalua Bay. These guides know the best diving sites in Oahu. Some of the most interesting diving sites are: the Corsair Wreck, which is a downed W.W.II era plane, the China Wall Drift, which is also known as Splitting Caves. Some of the sights at the caves are turtles, eagle rays, and eels. White tip reef sharks snoozing are sometimes spotted there.

Some more very intriguing sights are: Sea Tiger Wreck; it is a sunken smuggling vessel. This sight is normally populated with big puffer fish, scribbled filefish, and spotted eagle rays. Turtle Canyons has a delightful variety of sea creatures in its waters like: crabs, blennies, hawk fish, eels, and turtles. Of interest too are Black Rock, the Land of Oz, Baby Barge, Mahi Wreck, and Makaha Caverns.

Diving Schedule and Prices

The dives are scheduled either as morning dives, afternoon dives or night dives. The dives are also timed around the pickup times, if the service provides transportation. The exact schedules for dives vary with each company. The pricing varies too according to whether it is a two-tank dive, an unlimited diving in the morning, afternoon, and night. The prices generally start at $115.00 to $125.00 for two-tank diving and increase from there.