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Discount Cards in Hawaii

Go Oahu Card – This is a new program, less than a year old, but it follows the popular model of other Go cards around the country. This card is only good for Oahu. You purchase a one, two, three, five, or seven day card for a set amount. During those days you can do as many activities that time will allow – just show your card for admission. Sample activities available are entrance into Sea Life Park, and a circle island tour. I tried out a one day subscription once, to see how it worked. It worked great – I just showed my card and was admitted. You’d have to really hustle to get in more than two activities on most days, thus minimizing the savings – but you can save with it. It’s also great as a gift or for kids or to manage your spending on your vacation.

Entertainment Book– the Entertainment book is also available for different locations throughout the nation, and it has been around for a long time. In Hawaii there is just one book for all of the islands. It has the most coupons for Oahu but there are a decent amount of coupons available for the other islands. Coupon categories are Select Savings, Fine and Casual dining, Family Restaraunts – Informal Dining – Carryout, Attractions, Travel and Hotels, and Retail services. I get this one every year. Some of the restaurant savings are fantastic – like get a complimentary dinner entree when a second of equal value is purchased at Sunset Grill on Oahu (up to a $22.00 value)!

Tee Times Hawaii Discount Card – I don’t golf, and I don’t know much about this one. It looks good though, show the card and pay membership price, not retail at 48 golf courses in Hawaii.

Hawaii Gold Card – I have heard really good things about this card. The activities seem to be mostly on Maui, with several on Oahu, and then very few on Kauai and the Big Island. Everyone I have talked to who has liked it used it for Maui.

There are other small discount cards, but most don’t provide anything more than you can get for free with any coupon book that can be picked up for free at the numerous stands at every airport and most tourist attractions.

If you tried and liked any one of these or another card or have another suggestion for saving in Hawaii please let me know! Leave me a comment here. With Aloha, Lisa