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Daily Dose 9.18

Hi everyone! Well, the EK Fernandez curse is lifted! The Hawaii County fair weather was fabulous. There was a little bit of rain the first night, and I thought for sure it would be as rainy as it always is, but NO. It was nice all weekend. .. and here’s your news.

  • Australian discount airline Jetstar to start flights to Hawaii
  • Billy Joel concert in Honolulu on December 16th.
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter arrested and then freed on bail. Anybody else cringe at every word his wife said and every move she made? ouch. (For those who didn’t see the news footage of this, she didn’t want him to say anything to the cameras, so in true Jerry-Springer-Guest fashion she told him repeatedly to shut up and snapped at him “What’d I tell you?” when he talked. She put her hands in front of his face so the cameras couldn’t see him, even after he pushed her hands away.)
  • Ever wonder what’s so great about the island of Lanai?
  • Hawaiian Airlines waiting for ruling against Go! Airlines. This story doesn’t mention it, but my local paper said Hawaiian says it is Go!’s intention to force Aloha Airlines out of business. Hmmmm, not sure where I end up on this one. If Go! indeed is using proprietary information to force Aloha to its knees, that’s unethical. However, I strongly believe Aloha and Hawaiian’s interisland fares were too high and unfair before Go! came along.
  • History of the surf shirt. Interesting.