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Cheap Hostels in Maui

Maui has a few areas where hostels have been cropping up, particularly Wailuku in the more central part of Maui and Lahaina out on the West side. Maui hostels will not be large chain-type hostels, which means that they often have more character and personality than the chains.

Some hostels provide amenities such as airport or island shuttles, hot tubs, tours, bicycle rental, and more. There is a public bus system on Maui as well, so make sure to pick up a bus schedule if you aren’t renting a car. Hostel staff can often be extremely helpful with providing tips on what to do and see during your stay.

Search this map to find cheap hostels in Maui

This map doesn’t show ALL of the properties available on Maui (and for some reason the Banana Bunglalow is listed in the middle of the ocean!) So you may want to use the widget at the top of the page for other options.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for on the map above or by using the search widget, keep in mind that there are options for alternate accommodations on Maui. If you’re staying with a few people, it can often be economical to rent a condo or vacation rental or even to rent a hotel room. Or check out options for Hawaii hostels on the other islands.