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Celebrating Your Love in Hawaii: Valentine’s Day

hawaii-valentineFor those in love and who enjoy pampering their significant other, Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to do something nice and romantic. For the rest of the people, it’s just a Hallmark holiday, which “requires” quite a bit of spending and pressures guys into being romantic. I’m probably somewhere in between; my romantic side loves to plan something while, on the other hand, I quickly realize we don’t need a special day to celebrate love.

Planning the budget

Hawaii is one of the places which can be an excellent destination for those who enjoy showing their love in such a way. Do remember that the high season in Hawaii lasts from mid-December to late March (even mid-April) so both accommodation and flights will be a bit more expensive than during the rest of the year.

If you look for cheap flights to Hawaii , start searching for airfare as soon as possible. Typically, you’ll find the cheapest airfare two to eight weeks prior to departure so make sure to do your homework. And if you happen to be a frequent flyer on airlines which fly into Hawaii, check their special deals. Due to the still not-recovering industry, airlines often create good deals in order to keep filling the seats.

Then, it’s time to look for hotels in Hawaii . Regardless of the island you choose to stay on, the closer you are to the beach, the more you’ll pay for accommodation. Just like in the case of airfare, start your search in advance and look at the deals offered. You might find that resorts offer special rates for Valentine’s and throw in a spa package or a romantic dinner as well.

Romantic things to do in Hawaii

Valentine’s Day is all about being romantic and showing your love. So, make sure to do your homework and know some of the most romantic things you two can enjoy on the islands. Taking your loved one to a restaurant is nice, but it gets old. Fast.

If you two love birds don’t mind waking at the crack of down, watching a sunrise together is very romantic. Equally beautiful are the sunsets. Walk hand in walk on the beach and choose a beautiful spot to watch the sun sink into the sea. In Maui, consider going to Haleakala National Park.

Another beautiful – and inexpensive – thing to do is stargazing. Remember when you were little and visited your grandparents in the country and lied on the back in the grass to watch the stars? It’s very romantic to do it with your loved one. Find a secluded spot away from civilization.

Consider horseback riding. For an added romantic feel, plan to take her/him horseback riding on the beach, right before sunset. If you don’t like the beach that much, there are beautiful hills and valleys to explore.

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