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From major cities to the off-the-beaten-track destinations, we’ve got this place covered. We’ll share the hidden gems that only a local can discover.

Maui is home to the world’s best snorkeling spots but even Maui has a top ten. Here are the ten most amazing Maui snorkel spots we know. Molokini Crater sits firmly at the top of the list as the best snorkeling spot in Maui. No other Maui snorkel spot can compare to this underwater volcano, one of only three on […]

Top 10 Maui Snorkeling Spots

Picking a favorite beach in Hawaii is a difficult task, as there are so many contenders for your affections. Much of your choice will depend factors like whether you prefer lots of sand to stretch out on, sandy bottomed water for the kids, pretty reefs for snorkeling, or waves for surfing. With miles and miles of beaches on all of […]

Best Beaches in Hawaii

Many people who come to Oahu choose Waikiki as their homebase. And for good reason! There is no shortage of things to do in Waikiki, public transportation options mean you won’t even need a rental car, and world class beaches are just steps from most accommodation on the two mile strip. But if you have the time, a great way […]

Day Trips from Honolulu

This week, I had the chance to check out the new Nocturna Lounge at Waterfront Plaza. Open 7 days a week til 2am, this is Honolulu’s first NextGen lounge and it showcases the latest in hi-tech karaoke, video games, and a creative cocktail menu. Four private rooms offer guests the chance to play the hottest Xbox Kinect games, such as […]

Nightlife in Honolulu: Nocturna Lounge

A dazzling white marble structure sits atop and perpendicular to the underwater remains of the World War II ship USS Arizona. The ship’s deck lies six feet below the water’s surface in the position it has rested since December 7, 1941. The 184 foot memorial is a solemn testimony to the 1,177 Marines and sailors who died in the Japanese […]

Attractions in Honolulu: USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor

Hawaii is a very romantic vacation destination and the place where many couples decide to get married or spend their honeymoon. Also, many couples consider Hawaii as a great Valentine’s Day getaway. Sure, the day is fast approaching and Hawaii is not exactly a cheap place to visit, but with a bit of planning you can find very interesting ways […]

There Is Still Time to Fly to Hawaii for Valentine’s ...

For those in love and who enjoy pampering their significant other, Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to do something nice and romantic. For the rest of the people, it’s just a Hallmark holiday, which “requires” quite a bit of spending and pressures guys into being romantic. I’m probably somewhere in between; my romantic side loves to plan something while, […]

Celebrating Your Love in Hawaii: Valentine’s Day

The natural beauty of the islands make Hawaii an excellent destination whether you want to get married, enjoy a honeymoon or you are dreaming of adventure trips . Once a major hub for pineapple and sugar industries, Hawaii is now economically dependent on tourism. When planning an active holiday on one of the Hawaiian Islands, try to keep in mind […]

Tips for Planning an Adventure Trip in Hawaii

As Obama quickly gained national attention in his bid to become the next President of the United States, there immediately started to pop up Obama tourism in Hawaii. Trying to profit from the immense popularity of the new American political figure, tour operators began offering up packages that showcased some of Obama’s birthplace, childhood hangouts, the apartment he shared with […]

Obama Tours in Hawaii