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Best Gifts to Bring Back from Hawaii

When traveling one of the plaguing questions is, “What do I take back home?” Travelers are always searching for that ‘perfect’ gift for their loved ones. Problem is that t-shirts and generically labeled bracelets and surf board necklaces are only cool the first time. Eventually the typical souvenirs get boring, cheesy, and over done.

For those of you who are traveling in Hawaii and want to find something meaningful, useful, and cultural to gift your loved ones have no fear those items do exist. Here at Boots’N’All we have done all the research for you.

Macadamia Nuts
These nuts are special to Hawaii. You can find them in every desired fashion: Toasted, chocolate covered, in the shell, and many other varieties. For more information on Macadamia Nuts check out our post all about them!

Plumeria Trees
True, Hawaii’s agricultural export laws are pretty fierce. But it is possible to make it through customs with a few agricultural products with ease. Plumeria Trees are ever present in Hawaii. That extremely pleasant and potent smell that takes over your senses in Hawaii are the Plumeria blossoms. These trees are great to take home because all you need is a small cut from a branch. Many souvenir vendors sell them. You’ll be given a stick to take back with you and jam into the ground. Even without planting them you will see them begin to root and gain leaves. Not only are they native to Hawaii, but they last forever.

Yeah, that’s right…a lei. Boring, you say? Not at all. Mothers, grandmothers, and all other women love flowers. Before you leave Hawaii stop into one of the many shops in the airport and by a fresh, packaged lei to take back to your loved ones. They can be hung to dry and last forever. These are special to natives of Hawaii. They hang them off their cars (often on the tow ball) for good luck.

Kukui Nuts
Those giant, black and brown beans that people wear around their necks and otherwise in Hawaii are Kukui nuts. Locals hang these from their rear view mirrors (much like those from the mainland hang leis from party city) for good luck. Kukui nuts bring prosperity and have great significance to natives.

A Honu is the Hawaiian term for sea turtle. Because these animals are so beloved throughout the world and Hawaii, you will see Honus everywhere. From beers named after them, to necklaces, and stickers.

Konu coffee is perhaps one of the best coffees in existence (if you don’t count anything from South America!). For the coffee drinkers in your life, take a bag back to them and they will appreciate every cup of it.

And..for those with a sense of humor..

You’ll notice that Spam is virtually everywhere in Hawaii. Grab a few cans of Spam (perfect for the budget traveler and backpacker) to take back to your loved ones. Guaranteed to get a good laugh!