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Aloha Airlines Bankruptcy

alohaairlines.jpgAloha Airlines decalred bankruptcy on March 20, 2008 and by March 31 the airline had flown it’s last passenger flight. This quick collapse of the airline left many tourists with tickets no longer worth anything and some stranded on the islands not knowing what to do. Are you one of these unfortunate tourists? If you have a flight booked on Aloha Airlines and are worried their bankruptcy filing may affect you here is the low down on what to do if you have booked a ticket with the airline that recently had to throw in the towel.

Ticketed passengers traveling by April 30, 2008 will be allowed the following changes:

  • Customers who booked their flights directly through Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air and are traveling on Aloha Airlines should contact Alaska Airlines reservation line for rebooking at 1-800-252-7522
  • If you reservation included a Vacation Package, contact the Alaska Airlines Vacations desk at 1-800-468-2248
  • Customer who booked their Aloha Airlines flight through a travel agent or another airline, but have tickets issued by Alaska (these are ticket numbers beginning with “027”) should contact the travel agency or another airline for rebooking.
  • Customers ticketed by Aloha Airlines, but traveling on Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air, must purchase new tickets at the same fare that was paid to Aloha Airlines.
  • For customers booked and ticketed on Aloha Airlines who would like to travel on Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air, Alaska will be waiving the advance purchase requirement and honor the original fare they qualified for had they booked with Alaska originally.

Customers currently booked and ticketed on Aloha Airlines who are midway through their travel may fly standby on Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air under the following conditions:

  • Customers must be midway through their travel and not at their city of origin.
  • Customers must hold a valid ticket receipt issued prior to March 31, 2008 on Aloha Airlines, or April 2, 2008 on ATA.
  • Customers must standby for Coach seating for a $100 service charge plus applicable tax between the U.S. mainland and Hawaii/Mexico plus a $75 service charge
    Customers unable to get on a flight on the elected travel day may standby the following day as well.
  • If Alaska Airlines is unable to accommodate the customer via standby, service fee and taxes will be refunded.