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Airfare to Hawaii

Search for cheap airfare to Hawaii and book a flight to Hawaii.

Finding a deal on airfare to Hawaii can often make or break your travel experience. Well, here you will find the resources to help you compare prices, as well as helpful tips to consider when planning your trip to Hawaii. (Save that extra cash for that new swimsuit you’ve been keeping an eye on!)

Use the airfare finder on this page to compare prices on your trip to Hawaii. Honolulu International Airport on the island of Oahu is the biggest airport (airport code: HNL) and has already been filled in the box above.

Airports on the other islands and their airport codes are listed below. If you’re considering a visit to more than one island, it’s sometimes helpful to look at flight options to the other islands as well. Maui, in particular, has many direct connections to West Coast cities via Hawaiian Airlines. Keep in mind that inter-island flights can cost $120 or more per person, making vacation packages even more attractive if you are planning some island-hopping.

Hawaii Airports:
Maui – Kahului Airport (OGG)
Big Island – Hilo International Airport (ITO)
Big Island – Kona International Airport at Keahole (KOA)
Kauai – Lihue Airport (LIH)
Lanai – Lanai Airport (LNY)
Molokai – Molokai Airport (MKK)

Quick search for flights to Hawaii:

More information on: flights to Honolulu, flights to Maui, flights to Kauai, and flights to the Big Island

Airlines that currently fly to Hawaii include:
Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Air Pacific, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, China Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Philippine Air, Quantas, United Airlines, US Airways.

Airlines and their routings change frequently, so if you notice any outdated information here, please drop me a line to let me know! Mahalo!

General Tips for Cheap Airfare to Hawaii

Travel During Off-Peak Seasons or Times
Thinking of booking your summer vacation in Hawaii? Or escaping the cold winter to bask in the tropical sun? Chances are, many others have that in mind as well. Not to say that deals cannot be found during peak times, but if you can schedule your trip around slower periods of the year (avoiding the summer, spring break, and the holidays if possible) you might reap significant savings. Traveling during mid-week helps a bit as well.

Consider a Package Deal
Sometimes good deals on vacation packages can be found that will bundle your air travel, hotel accomodations, rental cars, and even inter-island travel if needed. While you may have less control over your choices, you will often pay less than buying each component separately.

Using Frequent Flyer Miles
Most airlines offer frequent flyer programs which can give you discounts on your travel to Hawaii. Although award tickets cost more than those within the Continental US, some airlines (including Hawaiian Airlines) offer the ability to purchase tickets one way and redeem airline miles the other if you don’t have enough mileage for a roundtrip ticket. You may also be able to use your miles or points for hotel stays, activities, or rental cars as well, giving you a little more wiggle room in your budget.

RTW or Circle Pacific tickets
Hawaii can be a great stop on a Round-the-World (RTW) ticket, linking the US with Asia and the Pacific. These multi-stop tickets often allow you to travel one way around the world at a discount. Circle Pacific tickets are similar, but allow you to travel in one direction around Asia, the Pacific, and Australia/New Zealand.

We hope you have a fantastic trip to Hawaii, and if you need more information for your vacation planning purposes be sure to read these travel stories about Hawaii and learn more about what to see and do in this Hawaii Travel Guide.