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Airfare to Maui

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Maui is fast becoming a popular alternative to Oahu as an arrival point to the islands of Hawaii, especially for flights from the US Mainland, where carriers have been busy adding more and more direct routes to Maui. Kahului Airport (OGG) is the main airport and the busiest for Maui arrivals. Kapalua (JHM) and Hana (HNM) are smaller towns that also have airports on Maui that handle interisland arrivals only. A majority of travelers will arrive on flights into Kahului.

Maui county also includes the islands of Molokai  (MKK) and Lanai (LNY), which have their own airports but will have direct flights only from the other Hawaiian Islands.

Getting to Maui from an outer island

Traveling between islands in Hawaii is possible through Hawaiian Airlines and also the smaller regional carriers of go! Mokulele Airlines (a Mesa airlines subsidiary) or Island air. A majority of interisland flights to Maui arrive at Kahului, but you will also find flights to Hana and Kapalua via the regional carriers.

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Getting to Maui from the US Mainland

There are currently no budget carriers that fly to Maui and fewer options for transpacific carriers than Honolulu, but new routes are being added as demand increases. Many domestic carriers service the transpacific route, which can lead to fares as low as $400 from west coast cities, slightly higher (and fewer options for direct flights) from the east coast. Hawaii is a very popular destination during the winter holidays (mid-November to March) and during summer (June to August) so cheaper airfares and sales will often pop up on the shoulder or off-seasons outside of those times.

Hawaiian Airlines connects Maui directly with Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco, and recently added notstop flights to Las Vegas (also known as our 9th Hawaiian Island!) Hawaiian Airlines also provides more than 100 flights daily within the Hawaiian Islands.
(Update: Beginning in January 2012, nonstop flights are scheduled to begin between Maui/Oakland and Maui/San Jose as well.)

Continental Airlines serves routes between Kahului and SanFrancisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, New York, and Washington D.C.

United Airlines provides direct flights between Kahului and Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Denver.

Alaska Airlines has direct connections between Kahului and San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland (starting June 2011), San Jose, Portland, Seattle, and of course Anchorage.

Delta Airlines connects Maui with Los Angeles.

American Airlines connects Maui to Dallas and Los Angeles.

US Airways connects Maui and Phoenix.

Getting to Maui from an international destination

Currently the only direct international flights to Maui are from Vancouver via WestJet. However, international connections are possible via Honolulu with Asia and the South Pacific. Flights from Europe will often have stops in the continental U.S.

Airlines and their routings change frequently, so if you notice any outdated information here, please drop me a line to let me know! Mahalo!

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