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Accommodation in Hawaii

Travelers have hundreds of options when it comes to accommodation in Hawaii. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for a splurge, you will find that with just a little bit of searching, you will find the perfect place to rest your head after a long day of sun, sand, surf, and soaking up our island culture. And while Hawaii is often regarded as a rather expensive destination, this isn’t always the case.

To begin your search, it is often helpful to get an idea for which area you’ll be visiting, but it isn’t necessary if you’re still comparing the various islands. Each has its own charm, so you may consider stays on more than one island.

Similarly, there’s no need to limit yourself to one type of accommodation. It’s possible to stay at a high-end luxury resort if you’re looking to have everything you need just steps from your room. Then, for the part of your stay where you’ll be exploring more of the island and spending less time at the property, you may opt for a cheaper hotel or even a hostel. Part of the beauty of Hawaii is that there is something for everyone when it comes to accommodations.

Types of Accommodation

  • Hotels and Resorts are probably the most common type of accommodation you’ll find in the islands. Hotels can be found in all price categories, whereas resorts are often more expensive because of the additional amenities provided.
  • Hostels are a budget traveler’s dream! Most hostels in Hawaii are independently run and provide a chance to meet other travelers with which to explore the islands. Often cooking facilities are available, so in addition to saving on lodging, you may be able to save on meals as well.
  • Vacation Rentals are an increasingly popular way to see Hawaii without paying for hotel or resort prices. If you’re traveling with a group or simply want to get away from the main hotel areas, a vacation rental can really feel like a home away from home.
  • Condominiums and B&Bs can also be found in these listings, as hotels will sometimes include condo listings and many vacation rentals that are offered by the owner may include the option for a daily breakfast.

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