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Save Money on Your Vacation With Group Buying Sites

Everyone loves a good deal, right? Lately, it’s easier than ever to save money while on vacation, even in Hawaii, which often has a reputation for being a pricey destination. A little bit of smart shopping before you leave can pay off big time once you arrive in paradise. Two mai tai catamaran tickets for only $23? A stand up […]

Hawaii Travel News 03/31/2011

Pele Dancing This photo of a lava stream in 1984 captures the spirit of Goddess Pele dancing. What an amazing capture! Why Donald Trump is wrong and APEC is good – Howzit Howard Two seemingly unrelated topics with a great segue: "If you never heard of the Gossip Inversion Rule, it's because I just invented it. The GIR states that, […]

Hawaii in April

April in Hawaii is a beautiful time to visit the islands. While it can occasionally be a bit wetter than normal, the showers are usually passing and often one side of the island can be bright and sunny even when the other is experiencing rain. Humpback whale season tapers off about this time, but you still may have some luck […]

Drinking and Dining in Honolulu

Honolulu is the foodie capital of the Hawaiian Islands, hands-down. Whether you’re looking for low-key and casual or dressed-up fine dining, we’ve got you covered. Take out your plate lunches for a picnic on a North Shore beach, dress up for a fine dining restaurant in Waikiki, enjoy pupus and pau hana drinks at sunset, or BYOB to a great […]

Hawaii Travel News 03/27/2011

Halekulani & Nobu Waikiki to hold fundraiser for Japan tsunami victims There has been an outpouring of support here in Hawaii for tsunami victims in Japan and this event promises to be another great fundraiser. Chefs from Nobu Waikiki and the Halekulani hotel will be lending their own touches to a delicious charity event on April 21st. 91st Annual Kamehameha […]

Whale Watching in Hawaii

Whale watching in Hawaii is an extremely popular activity if you’re visiting Hawaii during the winter. Each year, thousands of humpback whales make the 3,000 mile journey from Alaska to Hawaii in order to breed and to raise their young. Because the annual migration is seasonal, whales can only be seen a few months out of the year. So, if […]

St. Patrick’s Day 2011 in Hawaii

Irish may not be the most common ethnicity in Hawaii, but you’ll definitely find great ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day if you find yourself in the islands on March 17th. Don’t forget to wear your green! Oahu may be the island featuring the most Irish revelry, but you will find St. Patty’s themed food and drink specials at restaurants […]

Hawaii Travel News 03/13/2011

The Mainlander’s Guide to the Tsunami – Howzit Howard This is a great summary of things to know about a tsunami and common misconceptions. And another reminder about the difference between "Hawaiians" and "Hawaii Residents" thrown in for good measure. NOT YOUR MAMA’S POPSICLES :: InsideOut Hawaii OnoPops have become a popular local treat – popsicles made with fresh, locally-sourced […]