TheBus – Oahu’s Excellent Bus Service

busVisitors to most of the Hawaiian islands have to rent a car to get around, but those limiting themselves to the island of Oahu will be pleased to know that this is one island with a great public transportation system. The bus network, cleverly called TheBus, runs throughout the city of Honolulu and many other points on the island.

TheBus network has more than 90 routes and 4,200 stops around Oahu, and is privately operated. It was founded in the 1960s, and is the only efficient mass transit system on any of the islands of Hawaii. The bus system is used regularly by locals and tourists alike, and is a quick and inexpensive way to get around without renting your own car – especially if you don’t know your way around. TheBus goes to all the major tourist attractions, including Waikiki Beach and the Pearl Harbor Memorial, as well as the Honolulu Airport.

An adult fare on TheBus is $2.50, and comes with one free transfer. A youth fare (age 6-17) is $1.25 – high school students up to the age of 19 qualify for this fare as well, so long as they can present valid high school ID. A four-day pass for TheBus is $25 and is valid for unlimited bus trips. Express! buses are included in the pass, but the FootballExpress! bus is not – just in case you were planning to go to a University of Hawaii football game during your trip. You can buy a four-day pass at a few 7-Eleven locations, ABC Stores and TheBus Pass Office at 811 Middle Street.





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4 thoughts on “TheBus – Oahu’s Excellent Bus Service

  • Robert

    Thanks for the bus info.
    Heading to Honolulu shortly and was looking for local transit info and stumbled on to your site.
    Great tips!

  • Hawaii Guy

    I’m glad that there is a solid privately funded form of mass transit. I’d hate for people to come to Hawaii and get stuck in traffic jams and stuff. TheBus network is solid, I even take it sometimes.

  • Malia Yoshioka

    I agree! TheBus is helpful, even for residents. I own and use a car here, but I’ve taken it to the airport or when my car breaks down, etc. The people on the hotline are really friendly and helpful!

  • Dir1

    Thanks for sharing this bus information with us. People travelling in Hawaii would definitely be benefited from this.

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