Nude Beaches on Kauai

nudebeachNude sunbathing in Hawaii might be illegal in a technical sense, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen all the time. Here’s where to go to find the prime spots to shed your suit.

Nude Beaches on Kauai
Kauai used to have a couple great nude beaches, but these days one of them is under new ownership and they’re not fond of the clothing-optional thing. The other one is becoming less friendly toward nude sunbathing, too, so proceed with caution.

  • Donkey Beach – This is the beach that used to be the best nude beach in Kauai, but which is now heavily patrolled. Undress at your own risk. Off Hwy 56 near mile 11.


  • Secret Beach (Kauapea Beach) – This is the one that’s taken over the “best nude beach in Kauai” title, although this one is becoming more heavily patrolled as well. Off Rt 56, a half-mile north of Kilauea.
  • Larsen’s Beach – A very private and remote beach where you probably won’t get hassled for disrobing. About 20 miles north of Kapa’a.

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One thought on “Nude Beaches on Kauai

  • Richard

    On the Kauai nude beach section of your website it is stated regarding Secret and Donkey beaches “one of them is under new ownership” Beaches in Hawaii are not owned, they are not private property, but public, accessible to all. The vigilante actions by aggressive security guards at both beaches are illegal. Nude sunbathing is in afct technically LEGAL, not illegal as staed here. Hawaii v. Milford and Hawaii v. Kalama were Hawaii Supreme Court cases decided in 2000. Defendants accused of obsenity (nude bathing) at Polo Beach on Oahu were convicted in a lower court and appealed. The supreme court ruled that police must have a private citizen complaint to arrest/ticket and that the nudity had to be offensive, not in the view of the passerby but in the intent of the sunbather. If the sunbather is not intending to offend, there is no crime. The Hawaii police hope no one finds this out. Topfree bathing by females is perfectly legal EXCEPT at state park beaches, which are a tiny percentage of Hawaii beaches.